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Ignite Soul

Spark Enhancer

Greater Acceleration with Greater Drivability

We highly focus on drivability and reliability on every single upgrade. The spark enhancer engineered for all type of petrol engines to improve power by ignition enhanced.


Years Of Experience

Spark Enhancer

Our Features

Improve Your Driving Mood, More Power & Torque on Every Acceleration

Higher Drivable Mileage

Energetic Performance

Greater Propulsion

Smoother Acceleration

Higher Drivable Mileage

Greater Propulsion

Higher Drivable Mileage

Smoother Acceleration

Greater Propulsion

Energetic Performance

Ignition Consistency

Driving Mood

Why Choose Us

Experience Ignition Upgrade and Smoother Acceleration


We are open 6 days a week from 1:00 pM to 8:00 PM.


Numbers of 5-star reviews on Facebook and car owners.


All our technicians are vetted and go through intensive training.

Instalment Available

You can upgrade your car with our 3 months instalment without any interest.

Selling good and quality performance products. Highly recommend to who want to upgrade their car to gain more help.

Mr Yap

Owner of Velfire
Highly recommended

Mr Chin

Owner of Toyota Yaris
Very Professional

Mr Law


The Detailed Cars

Smoother Acceleration and Stable Power Supply to Spark Plug

Our customers include individuals, car dealerships and corporate businesses. Click “Play Video” to watch how the installation works.


Our Partners

We only use the highest quality brands.

Treat your car to a smoother acceleration at J-Craft Automotive

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