About us

One Of The Leading Air Intake Specialist

Started as R&D Company since 2012. We have been modified cars like Audi, Toyota, Lotus and etc. Expertise in fabricating resulted air intake and exhaust fabrication in 2014 and achieve breakthrough with supercharging effect in 2016. Continued with small volume production items superstabilizer (2020), spark enhancer (2021) and MAF enhancer (2023).


Moving forward 
through advanced 
induction & exhaust technology


Our Services

Special Service for MRS/MR2 Spyder


For real enthusiast


Our Advantages

Providing the best driving experience

11+ Years Experience

We strive for research and development (R&D) with our best effort in order to provide the most comfortable & reliable modifications.

Test Drive

Every car owners are encourage to have test drive before and after supercharged with our products to experience before payment.

Custom upgrade

We spend a lot of our time on R&D so as to make sure each custom upgrade fit to car brands including Lotus, Audi, Mazda, Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, Ford and Honda.

Technical Support

We want always make sure every car performed at the optimal level for our car driver's driving experience. We do provide technical support on sustainability and maintenance tips.

We know what exactly your car need to reach the maximum performance


Cars Supercharged


Years of Experience


5.0 reviews


self R&D products

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