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MAF Enhancer

It depends on the socket size and car models as well.  You can either refer to the full compatible list here or click here to enquire our technician through WhatsApp. It can apply on both petrol/hybrid cars. It can be used for car brands such as FORD, Honda, Jaguar/Land Rover, Lexus, LOTUS, Mazda, Perodua, Proton, Subaru , Suzuki

In case, you do not sure whether do our MAF Enhancer fir your car model, click here to enquire with us. Otherwise, you actually do able to DIY install to your car just within 5min.

We highly suggest/recommend to reset to the original ECU reading in order to proceed to the MAF Enhancer installation.

Yes, we do provide 3 years warranty (not including any cause from human damage, LED issue & socket issue). Kindly proceed to here to fill up our ewarranty for registration purpose.

It won’t cause any harm or side effect to your car. We recommend and suggest car owner to  make sure you do good quality of MAF sensor and recommend to change at every 200,000km.

Spark Enhancer

We recommended car owners to use good quality spark plug such as NGK. This spark enhancer has nothing to do with ECU.

It can apply on both petrol or hybrid also can apply and check with our technician here whether does it compact with your car model

It will most likely to be instant!

You can visit our store here to check the full compactible list.

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